Working for the Weekend

This weekend was my first one working and it wasn’t bad at all. The lab is a lot less hectic and a lot more laid back. For starters, the outpatient clinics are closed which generally means much less samples (unless the ER sees a huge influx of patients, of course) and thus less work for me. The boss not being there is a plus too. I know not every weekend will be as smooth as this one but for now, I don’t think I’ll mind working every other weekend so much. If I end up at a job that requires me to work every third weekend, I may try to find a one weekend a month job.

I go on evenings this week. I’m starting to feel better about this job but I still feel like I want to be doing something else.


Goals for 2011

Another year is coming to an end. 2010 wasn’t great even though I graduated and got my first “real” job. I didn’t have high hopes for 2010 but I thought it would be better than the soul drain that was the preceding 4 years. I’m hoping to improve in 2011 by setting some goals.

1. Try a new (non-chain) restaurant every month. Living in the suburbs makes this difficult but experiencing different restaurants was something I enjoyed the last two years of college. I’d really love to have that back.

2. Take a real summer vacation. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had an actual vacation.

3. Attend a figure skating event. I had thought of waiting and going to worlds in Nice in 2012 but I think 2011 Skate America is more realistic and wallet-friendly. I would consider Trophee Eric Bompard but that’s the week of Thanksgiving so no dice.

4. Find a new hobby (a sport maybe?) and attempt to build a social circle. This one might be a pipe dream but it’s the ever present hole in my life. It’s 1000 times harder to make friends after college and that added to the difficultly I already had, it might just be nearly impossible. If nothing else, I’ll have a new hobby.

5. Make it through my first year on the job…or find a new one. Once I hit 6 months, I’ll see how I feel and if I find that I’m not happy, I’ll start looking for something else.

Here’s hoping setting these goals will help. Happy New Year to all and may 2011 be a good year!


I took the MLS (ASCP) 9 days ago and I passed! I scored 477 which is not very stellar but whatever. The point is I passed and am now certified. I’m so glad that’s out of the way!

Now to my job. While I’m grateful to even have a job, I’m not liking it very much so far. It’s been difficult adjusting to the way this particular lab does things. Some of their processes seem a little inefficient and the layout of the lab doesn’t help. Also, their computer system annoys me a bit. The most worrisome thing about this job is the feeling that it’s a terrible fit for me. There are certain things about the “culture” of this lab that are a bit off putting to me. Essentially, I’m getting a very bad vibe.

It’s only the third week so I’ll give it some time. I should finish training and start working my assigned shift sometime in January. Depending on how I feel, I may start looking for another position once the probationary period is up in February. I realize they could terminate me at that point but I hope that doesn’t happen. I’d prefer to go out on my own accord.



This should have been my second week of work but I had to do some extra stuff for my pre-employment processing. Hopefully, they’ll clear me this week so that I can start next week. If they don’t get done in time, I’ll have to wait until the 29th. I probably should have chose that date in the first place but I didn’t anticipate not being cleared right away. I should know by tomorrow or Thursday if I’ll be starting Monday. If I don’t get cleared in time, I may go to Portland for Skate America this weekend. I could still go even if I start Monday but I wouldn’t want to be jet lagged on my first day.

So in the meantime, I’ve been continuing to study for the MLS (ASCP). I think of it as the ultimate final exam because everything that I learned in my medical laboratory science courses could potentially be on the exam. 400 out of 999 is passing but you have to answer a certain amount of “difficult” questions right in order to pass. I wasn’t very nervous until I got to clinical chemistry, which was my “worst” rotation in clinical although I wasn’t completely horrible at (I got a B+ and I was 1 point away from an A-). I’m starting to feel like I’m going to fail although I’ve been studying pretty hard. I’ve had this happen before and it’s completely demoralizing. I can take it again if I fail but I’ll have to pay another $210…money that could be used to pay Sallie Mae or Uncle Sam.

The test is on the 18th…8 days away not including today. I think I’ll be ok…

High Anxiety

Exactly one week from today, I will start work. Once the initial excitement wore off, it was replaced with an uneasy feeling. “Am I doing the right thing?” “Should I have picked a later start date?” “Will my coworkers like me?” “Will I do a good job?” All these questions have been running through my head for the last week. Getting another offer made things even more complicated. It was in the blood bank of one of the other hospitals I interviewed at (I had interviewed for a job in their micro lab). I enjoyed blood bank while on clinical also but this job is nights, pays less, and the benefits aren’t as good. If the job I accepted had stayed part time, I would have likely jumped ship though despite the night shift.

After saying all that, I realize that I made the right choice. I’m just really anxious about starting and also my ASCP exam (which I might have to reschedule…again).

At Last!

After almost 5 and a half months of worry, frustration, and breakdowns, I have a job! When I interviewed for this position about a month ago, it was only weekends and holidays. I was pretty depressed about that but a part of me believed there was a chance that it could turn full time. Today, they told me the position would be full time! I am so happy! I won’t get to do everything I wanted but it’s a good place to start.

I start November 1st so that means 2 more weeks of “freedom”. I definitely need to enjoy these two weeks so I won’t get too anxious about starting work.

For those who are still looking, good luck! Hopefully it will work out for you all as well.



The Spirit

Tears are the blood of an injured spirit. Pain and sadness cut the spirit. Sometimes, the cut is shallow and a trickle escapes. Other times, the cut is deep and the eyes are flooded. For most people, the cuts heal completely and they go back to living somewhat happy lives. For the unfortunate few, like me, the cuts heal poorly and even things that seem trivial to others can cause a hemorrhage. They try to fight it but the injuries just keep coming. The pain is relentless as it slices through the spirit. Soon, the spirit is on life support, hanging on by a thread. However, hope, even just a drop, can save the spirit. It keeps the spirit alive, giving it the chance to recover. The pain can drain hope, though and when it runs out, the spirit dies. When the spirit dies, it takes the body with it. That is the tragic end of a life at its own hand.

Keep hope alive…life depends on it.


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